Search Engine Optimisation

Get your website ranking on google today

Search Engine Optimisation

Here at Big 5 Promotions we understand the need for Online Marketing and Advertising.

Google is the most used Search Engine in South Africa, we understand how google works and would like to help you get your Website on Google ranking for your search keys.


We offer 2 types of Advertising on Google:


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a tool we use to optimise your website so it organically ranks on google for search keys. This is a service we charge for Monthly and takes usually 6-12 months to get your website ranking for the search keys you request.

Google Ad Words

AdWords is a tool by Google to place your website on Google in form of an advert. When you place an advert on Google, the ad appears instantly. You pay Google every time a visitor clicks your advert.

Getting Started:

Let us know which type of advertising best suits you, we’ll send you more information on them and how to get started: